Welcome to Odd Otter Co


Currently we are developing two software packages for very different needs.  Soupmix is a Django-application creation and development helper tool set and help system. Much of this site will be dedicated to it's purpose. You can find documentation and source code links in this area of the site.

The other software package is for our open-hardware solution named GARTH.  The goal of this software package is to enable remote automation of gardening tasks through a mixture of embedded hardware and inexpensive sensor equipment through a web-based management console (Django).


We offer a wide range of services.  From training and support on just about everything web, to website creation and maintenance.  We also perform security audits for comercial businesses.  If you need an outside perspective on a project already underway, we can help bridge the gap between what you want and how to get there. 

Transistor Diagram

We are currently in the process of prototyping a Gardening Automation Robotic Task Helpmate (GARTH), which is basically a tool that can assist or even completely care for your plants and home or gardening environment.  This project is built using OpenHardware and OpenSoftware components to both speed the development process and to make it easy for other developers to take part in the project.